Deed to Lead Uses of a Recovery

Scope and Content


1. Edward Dymock of Penley, esq., eldest son and heir of Edward Dymock of Penley, deceased.

2. William Challnor the elder of Iscoyd, gent, William Turton late of Whitchurch, now of Knolton, Flints, gent.

3. Robert Baxter of Chester, gent, Hugh Whishaw of Chester, gent.

4. Thomas Davies of Eyton, co. Denbigh, esq.

#1 owes the sum of £1,932 to William Turton. Release by #1 to #3 of capital messuage called Penley Hall in Penley, messuages and paper mill in Halghton and parish of Hanmer. #3 to become tenants of the freehold. Recovery to be made by #2. Vouchee: Edward Dymock. #2 to stand seized to use of Turton for term of 1000 years and other uses declared in deed.


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