Deed declaring Uses of a Recovery

Scope and Content

17th century copy of original document.

1. Thomas Hughes of Prestattyn, co. Flint, esq. and Henry Hughes, his third son.

2. William Probert the [e]lder of Tre'rcastle, Piers Lloyd of Rhydorthwy (near Rhyl), Peter Elice of Grayes Inne, and Edward Hughes, another son of the said Thomas Hughes.

#2 to hold messuages and lands of #1 in townships of Prestatyn, Meliden, Rhyl and Gwesbyr (with certain specified property excepted), to uses (specified). Memorandum that the above deed was sealed and delivered and livery of seisin executed in bedchamber of the said Thomas Hughes, by delivery of two iron kaies (keys), 21st December 1616.


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