Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

1. James Dicker Budd of Moor Green, co. Worcester, esq., John Kirkman of London, esq., Thomas Goadsby of Dulwich, co. Surrey, gent. and Thomas Allingham of London, cotton broker.

2. Peter Atherton of Holywell, co. Flint, engine maker.

Agreement that #1 shall erect a cotton mill building within or near London, large enough to contain 3,000 cotton spinners with all the variou sorts of machinery to work the same, and to pay £6,500 to #2. #2 to provide a set of machinery for working 3,000 spindles of the best kind (specifications given) and a foreman; covenants entered into for maintenance. Consideration: good opinion and confidence of #1 in #2.


Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided).