'Rental of the Town and Franchise of Hoult'

Scope and Content

Due to the Prince for the half-year ending Lady day 1619; rental of Holt, 1620; survey of 'lands within the town and liberties of Hoult...in the several tenures of the persons before named held by charter in soccage with their rents', n.d., with note by Thomas Fanshaw that this agrees with 'the book of survey made by Mr Norden and remaining with me'; and a note on Mr Brereton's lands in 'the survey of 4 Eliz.' 1619/20 and n.d. (For John Norden's survey of Holt, 1620, see A.N. Palmer, Town of Holt, 1910, chapter III). This volume has been bound in a mortgage in £20 between the same parties and of the same premises as in D/DM/317/43, dated 19th May 1610.


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