Scope and Content

Cabinet containing over 10,000 cards, as a card index of Flintshire men who served in the 1914-1918 war. An index of all names contained within the servicemen's index can be consulted in the search-room at Flintshire Record Office. These items have now been digitised and are available on the searchroom computers.

Flintshire Record Office holds a useful source for the history of men who served in the First World War. This is a card index, compiled in 1919-20, which gives details of 10,623 men from Flintshire who saw military service. Although it has been in the record office for over twenty years, and is consulted from time to time, it deserves, perhaps to be better known. The index (ref: D/DM/181) is on specially printed cards, arranged by place, and then in two sequences in alphabetical order of surname. There are cards headed 'L' (Living) for men who survived the war, and cards headed 'F' (Fallen) for those who were killed or died of wounds. Most of the information on the card was supplied by the man himself, and is usually signed by him or, if he was killed, by his next of kin. The card will always give each man's address, regimental number, unit, period of service, and rank on demobilisation. In some cases, a section headed 'special remarks re service' gives dates of postings, battles, wounds, etc. and for men killed the date and place of burial may be noted. Exceptionally, when the filling in of the cards was supervised by someone such as the incumbent of the parish, much more detail is given on the back of the card.


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