Scope and Content

Replaced the Policy and Resources Committee: the revised committee structure was intended to enhance the strategic role of the central policy-making committee and devolve resource management issues as far as possible to the service committees.

Terms of reference:

1) strategic functions including corporate, forward and medium-term planning

2) corporate resource functions including overall financial management

3) monitoring corporate policies concerning land, buildings and personnel

4) central services functions including members, appointment of chief officers, the Council's responsibilities as a Waste Disposal Authority, planning applications for development by the Environmental Committee, contracts for 'defined activities' under section 2 of the Local Government Act 1988

5) performance review functions

6) residual functions e.g. acting as the Council's urgency committee.

Terms of reference revised in January 1999 to include (1) management of the Best Value review process including preparation of the annual Local Performance Plan (2) overseeing the Council's internal and external audit arrangements including receipt of the District Auditor's Management Letter and other audit reports.