Women's Studies Seminars / Conferences

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- photocopy of conference 'Women in architecture' held on 12 Dec 1973

- papers for Seminar on Women's Studies and sex-role stereotyping held on 1 Dec 1973 (summary of discussion paper on women's studies; report from the Women's Studies Conference held at the University of Essex on 2 Nov 1973 by Sue Bearden; History Workshop and Women's History by Anna Davin; preliminary thoughts on women's studies by Leonore Davidoff; Some thoughts on why women's studies cannot be taught within the education system by Wendy Tamplin and Mary Cecil; Material on women for use at secondary and Further Education level by Gillian Lacey; Administration of educational policy towards women by Margherita Rendel; Some ideas about the sex role - stereotypes in the visual arts by Griselda Pollock; Women's studies and the universities by Diana Barker; More than half our future by Jill Moore; Notes for women's studies conference by Joanna Ryan)

- reports on The London Seminar on sex role stereotyping and Women's / Feminist Studies 1973-1974

- report of The London Seminars for year 1974-1975

- papers relating to Women's Studies national conference, Dec 1976 (including some useful resources for Women's Studies by Diana Leonard Barker)

- statistics showing examinations and destinations for school students in 16-19 age group, Jan 1974

- papers relating to workshop on Asian women in British society

- papers relating to Anglo-French Study Group meeting on 27-28 Oct 1975 with lists of participants

- leaflet for the organisation 'Change', 1992

- membership form for National Women's Network