Minutes of meetings of Action Opportunities

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 21 Sep 1976 to 25 Feb 1985 (no minutes between 23 May 1983 and 25 Feb 1985). Minutes are signed. Meetings were initially held every month. Steering committee composed of: Baroness Seear (Chair), Mrs SJ Shuttleworth (Vice Chair), Gillian Mackay (Treasurer) and Mrs Gimpel (Secretary). Mary Stott and Pamela Anderson were also members.

First meeting held on 21 Sep 1976. Those present: Lady Seear (chair), Pamela Anderson, Olive Braman, Gillian Mackay, Sheila Shuttleworth, Mary Smith. It was agreed that the name Action Opportunities should be used instead of Equal Opportunities Bureau. Main function: educate about the new legislation on equality and how it can be used. First project should be to hold a conference in the North East, probably on the use of industrial tribunals, and that a question and answer leaflet should be produced.

27 Sep 1976: proposed title for conference 'Industrial Tribunals and how to use them'.

29 Apr 1977: joint meeting with Women's Organisations

1 Mar 1978: to report on First Steps to Public Life publication

First Annual Report 1977-1978

27 Jul 1978: special meeting to discuss future of Action Opportunities: should continue as independent group working to educate the public on the equal pay and Equal Opportunities acts

Balance Sheet and accounts for 31 Mar 1978

21 Apr 1980: promotion of 'Simple Steps'; proposal for 'Returners'

6 Oct 1981: short introduction for 'Returners' circulated

7 Dec 1981: decided that after launching 'Returners' and revising 'Simple Steps' that Action Opportunities would wind up.

26 Apr 1982: planning for 'Returners'

15 Mar 1983: Mary Stott to draft chapter 7 of 'Returners'

25 Feb 1985: note of final meeting