Scope and Content

Letters and notes from Gertrude Traubel, the daughter of Horace and his wife Anne, born in April 1892. She grew up in Camden, New Jersey, living temporarily in New York during the years before 1920, and worked as a music teacher. After the death of her father, she kept up correspondence with Wallace (whom she along with many others addressed as 'Uncle Wallace').

Eng 1186/1/8/1 is a small note of greeting written as a child; topics referred to in the later letters include: her stay in New York; her happiness with her husband [Arthur C. Aalholm]; an item to be forwarded to Dr [John] Johnston; a Traubel dinner to be held in 1920; a Philadelphia Traubel meeting to be held in January [1921] at which Anne Traubel would like Wallace's 'Calamus' paper ['The "Calamus" poems in Leaves of Grass', 1920] to be read.