Letters to J.W. Wallace

Scope and Content

This series consists of letters and copy letters to Wallace from a variety of individuals, including: members of the Bolton Whitman Fellowship; friends and acquaintances involved in the socialist movement, such as Ramsay MacDonald, Katharine Glasier, Robert Blatchford and Edward Carpenter; other friends in Britain; and members of the Whitman circle from the USA and Canada, such as Horace Traubel, his wife and daughter, Dr R.M. Bucke, and the Saunders and Bains families. Topics covered include: Whitman's message; the general lack of public recognition of his work; the issue of publishing Whitman's papers; the book by Wallace and Johnston describing their visits to the poet; socialist activities; Wallace's teachings and spirituality; and family news.


Both original and copy letters are included in this series because the copies are in some cases almost contemporary with the original, and are often hard to distinguish. Later copies are also included here for ease of reference. Minnie's own copies of and extracts from letters to Wallace are listed under Eng 1186/7. All the letters are autograph and consist of one sheet of paper unless stated otherwise.