College addresses

Scope and Content

Typescript addresses to be delivered before the Bolton Whitman group:

  • /1-2: 'The "Calamus" poems in Leaves of Grass': address in Bolton on Whitman's Birthday, 31 May 1920, by J.W. Wallace; 2 copies. /1 is inscribed to J.H. Bodgener from Wallace.
  • /3: 'If Walt Whitman came to Walker Fold': address at Walker Fold in celebration of the anniversary of Whitman's birthday, 30 May 1925, by J.W. Wallace. Signed on p.9 by Fred Wild.
  • /4: 'An address in memory of the late J.W. Wallace, Wentworth Dixon and Dr J. Johnston', 6 December 1930, by William Broadhurst, delivered at the Swan Hotel, Bolton; inscribed with Fred Nightingale's best wishes.