Scope and Content

From Anne Traubel [the widow of Horace who continued to keep in contact with her fellow Whitmanites in Bolton after her husband's death in 1919]. Topics covered include: Wallace's letters which have given her strength over the past year; her curiosity as to who or what sustains and comforts Wallace himself; different editions of Whitman's Leaves of Grass, and her attempts to find a one-volume complete edition for Wallace; the Traubel Publication Fund and her attempts to raise money; Horace's Whitman relics, most of which he gave away; Mrs [Katharine] Glasier who is staying with Wallace [following the death of her husband and her resignation from her post as editor of the Labour Leader]; a book by Henry Saunders; the publishing contract for Horace Traubel's With Walt Whitman in Camden; her material poverty, which does not affect her mind or heart; Malcolm [Aalholm, her grandson]; a book by Professor [Emory] Holloway; Horace's [memorial] dinner; publication of the Anne Gilchrist letters [to Whitman].

Dated at: Camden [New Jersey, USA].

1186/1/22/1 includes envelope with stamp removed.