'Walking on the Water'

Scope and Content

- Chapters on Cecil King and Lord Mountbatten in 'Walking on the Water' by Hugh Cudlipp (1976)

- Handwritten notes by Hugh Cudlipp concerning the chapters on Cecil King in 'Walking on the Water'

- Copy from Hugh Cudlipp's diary:

6 May 1968 - morning meeting at Broadlands.

8 May 1968 4.30pm - meeting with CHK and Lord Mountbatten, 2 Kinnerton Street, London

- Correspondence between Hugh Cudlipp, Cecil King, Lord Solly Zuckerman and Lord Mountbatten 1975-1981 relating to the meeting in Kinnerton Street on 8 May 1968 which is the basis of the chapter entitled "Coalition - or a New Regime?" in 'Walking on the Water'.

- Lord Zuckerman's comments on Lord Mountbatten, from an article in "The Observer" 2 September 1979.

- Two documents labelled "Old version" and "Revised version" of "Royal Interlude" by Hugh Cudlipp, detailing the events leading up to and including the meeting at Kinnerton Street and what resulted from this meeting. A further version of these documents appears in the chapter entitled "Coalition - or a new regime?" in 'Walking on the Water', pages 323-327.

- Handwritten notes and draft letters denying the mention of a coup in his book to "The New Standard" and Craig Seton, "The Times"