Mirror Group People

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Correspondence with and regarding Mirror Group people, journalists and executives to 1998

- H. W. (Tommy) Atkins to Hugh Cudlipp regarding a BBC radio piece-on Jocelyn Stevens (4 Dec 1984)

- Tommy Atkins to Hugh Cudlipp regarding Anthony Howard's programme "The Editors" featuring Hugh Cudlipp (12 Sept 1989)

- Harry Guy Bartholomew (Chairman, Mirror & Pictorial 1934-1951) to Hugh Cudlipp.

- Ellis Birk (Director MGN)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Chaim Bermant regarding Bermant's profile of Ellis Birk (copy attached) (1975)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Ellis Birk regarding Hugh Cudlipp's handling of Cecil King (1962)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Ellis Birk regarding Reginald Maudling v Daily Mirror (Jan 1978)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Ellis Birk regarding "The Jewish Chronicle" - Hugh Cudlipp's invited comments on presentation of the Jewish Chronicle (Feb 1986)

- Michael Christiansen (ed. Sunday Mirror 1964-1972)

- Basil Davidson (South African correspondent) and Hugh Cudlipp (1974-1998)

- Bob Edwards (Editor Sunday Mirror 1974-1987)

- Paul Foot and Hugh Cudlipp (Oct-Nov 1981)

- Geoffrey Goodman (former Daily Mirror Industrial Editor)

- Roy Greenslade (Editor Daily Mirror 1990-91) and Hugh Cudlipp (1992)

- Lee Howard (Editor Daily Mirror 1961-1971) and Hugh Cudlipp (1971)

- Sydney Jacobson (Political Editor Daily Mirror)

- Daily Mirror memo from Sydney Jacobson to Hugh Cudlipp, enclosing notes on the meeting with Mr Malik, the Soviet Ambassador, June 1957.

- Hugh Cudlipp and Sydney Jacobson (1974-1983)

- Letters received after the Memorial Service for Sydney Jacobson from:

Sir Geoffrey Cox

John Pilger

Johnnie Coote

Lord Bruce of Donnington

Lord (Arthur) Bottomley

Terence Lancaster (former Mirror political columnist) and Hugh Cudlipp (1991-1992)

Kelvin Mackenzie (Editorial Director MGN) and Hugh Cudlipp (1998)

Anthony Miles (Editor Daily Mirror 1972-1977) and Hugh Cudlipp (1979-1984)

Mike Molloy (Editor Daily Mirror 1977-1985) and Hugh Cudlipp (1986-1997) Angela Patmore (Marjorie Proops's biographer) and Hugh Cudlipp (1991-1992)

Edward Pickering (Chairman IPC, Newspaper Division) and Hugh Cudlipp (1988-1998)

John Pilger (1986-1998)

Eve Pollard (Editor Sunday Mirror 1988-1991) and Hugh Cudlipp (1988-1993)

Marjorie Proops (1984-1995)

Peter Reed ('Old Codgers') (1980-1984)

Percy Roberts (Mirror & IPC Director) and Hugh Cudlipp (1976-1997)

Sir Frank Rogers (Mirror & IPC Director) and Hugh Cudlipp (1964-1996)

Don Ryder (Lord Ryder) (IPC Director, Newspaper Division) and Hugh Cudlipp (1976-1990)

William Soutar (former Art editor) & Carolyn Soutar (1986-1995)

Peter Stephens (Mirror correspondent in Paris) and Hugh Cudlipp (1983-1995)

Clive Thornton (Chairman, MGN) and Hugh Cudlipp (1983-1984)

Keith Waterhouse and Hugh Cudlipp (1979-1997)

Noel Whitcombe (Mirror columnist) and Hugh Cudlipp regarding Whitcombe's book 'A Particular Kind of Fool' (1990)

Peter Wilson (Mirror Sports writer) (1977-1981) with and about Hugh Cudlipp (1977-1981)

Donald Zec (senior writer) and Hugh Cudlipp (1985-1997)