Scope and Content

- Extract from 'Persuasion' (a review of public relations) Spring 1947 - an article on the "Daily Mirror" by Roy Lewis

- A copy of a lecture, "Lloyd George's Place in the Gallery of Fifty British Prime Ministers", given by Baron Jenkins of Hillhead at the Criccieth Festival, June 17 1995.

- A booklet published to accompany "Breaking the Mirror: The Murdoch Effect", a documentary film written and presented by John Pilger for ITV broadcast on 18 February 1997.

- A rough draft of a thesis on the Politics of British Army Newspapers 1941-1945 by Dr S. Paul Mackenzie, sent to Hugh Cudlipp for his comments. Handwritten and typewritten comments together with a copy of Mackenzie's final article published in the Journal of Contemporary History.

- Typed article from the Daily Mirror, January 1958, by the editor, J.S. Nener, entitled "Private Lives". Hugh Cudlipp had placed this article in his file on Robert Maxwell.

- Confidential Mirror Group Memo from Richard Stott, editor to The Publisher (27 August 1985) on the changes he would wish to make to The Mirror.

- Report by Mike Molloy on the development of The Sunday Mirror

- Confidential notes from Keith Waterhouse to Mike Molloy, Editor-in-Chief, 21 February 1986 on the development of the Sunday Mirror

- Copy of a speech by Lord Zuckerman at the 1974 World Energy Conference entitled, "Can we have enough energy and an acceptable environment?"

- Pamphlet on "The Ashton Case", plus two copies of the revised text of a speech to be delivered by James Ashton to denounce the invitation to Roy Jenkins, M.P. to address a meeting at Chichester Cathedral on 25 September 1975.

- Copy Trust Deed for a charitable trust made between E.S. Birk and Lord Cudlipp and P. Shaw dated 16 November 1976.

- Contract dated 18 June 1979 made between Lord Cudlipp and The Bodley Head Ltd for 'The Prerogative of the Harlot'.

- A set of profile quotes/duplicate quotes referring to Hugh Cudlipp.