Earl Mountbatten of Burma

Scope and Content

- Hugh Cudlipp and Lord Mountbatten - general correspondence and correspondence regarding various charities for example the Burma Star Association, United World Colleges, Romsey Abbey, Thirty Club (1955-1978)

- Correspondence regarding Nehru Scholarships (Nov 1964)

- Lord Mountbatten to Hugh Cudlipp regarding Nehru and the future of Kashmir (5 Sept 1965)

- Correspondence (1980) with Richard Hough (Lord Mountbatten's biographer) regarding the account of the Kinnerton Street "coup" of 1968.

- Review of 'Bless our Ship' by Richard Hough, The Spectator, 8 June 1991.

- Hugh Cudlipp and Richard Hough regarding a possible book on Lady Mountbatten (1982)

- Correspondence between Hugh Cudlipp and Philip Zieger (Lord Mountbatten's biographer) with copy draft regarding the Mountbatten "coup". Copy pages from Ziegler's book (1981-1983)