The family of Cecil King

Scope and Content

DAME RUTH KING (Ruth Railton) - Cecil King's second wife

-"Strictly Confidential" letter from Ruth King to Hugh Cudlipp (15 Feb 1981) and subsequent correspondence between Hugh Cudlipp and Ruth King to 28 April 1981, all relating to Cecil King's dismissal from the Chairmanship of IPC and his subsequent estrangement from Hugh Cudlipp.

- Undated personal letter from Ruth King to Hugh Cudlipp, but prior to April 1962, as the letter asks Hugh Cudlipp to "thank Eileen for her letter."

- Correspondence between Hugh Cudlipp and Ruth King (1982 to 1997), mostly concerning "The Cecil Harmsworth King Young Journalist of the Year Award".

- Hugh Cudlipp and Ruth King regarding 'Daring to Excel: The Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain' by Ruth Railton (1992)

- Copy review of 'Daring to Excel ... ' (London Review of Books, 6 January 1994)

FRANCIS KING (Cecil King's son)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Francis King (1987-1994)

MICHAEL KING (Cecil-King's son) and his wife LIBBY

- Hugh Cudlipp and Michael King (1968-1978)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Libby King (1980-1993) (Michael King died in 1980)

ALISON KING (wife of Cecil King's son Colin)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Alison King (wife of Colin) after Colin King's death in 1977.

LADY (PRISCILLA) BURTON (Cecil King's daughter)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Lady Burton (1987-1997)

- Some correspondence refers to Cathy (Gore) daughter of Lady Burton from her first marriage.

LAURENCE KING (Cecil King's grandson)

- Hugh Cudlipp and Laurence King (1993-1998)

WILLIAM GORE (Cecil King's grandson - Lady Burton's son by her first marriage)

- Hugh Cudlipp and William Gore (1991-1997)