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- Lord Aldington and Hugh Cudlipp regarding Lord Aldington's legal case (11 Nov 1989)

- Field Marshall H R Alexander (Allied Force Headquarters) (22 and 28 Sept 1945)

- Postcard from Kingsley Amis to Hugh Cudlipp (24 July 1990)

- Lindsay Anderson regarding the possibility of Hugh Cudlipp taking the Chairmanship of the English Stage Company (Mar-Apr 1975)

- John Bratby RA regarding the portrait of Hugh Cudlipp (1982-1983)

Peter Carter-Ruck regarding Hugh Cudlipp's paper to the Privacy Committee (Nov-Dec 1989)

- Patsy Chapman (Editor News of the World) regarding Chapman's resignation as Editor due to ill health (Aug 1994)

- John Coote (former Group M.D. Daily Express, Sunday Express) (1988-1992).

- Sir Robin Day (1982-1993)

- Judge Keith Devlin (1988)

- Sir David English and Hugh Cudlipp (1976-1978)

- Sir David English regarding the Forum on 'The Press: Guilty or Not Guilty?' held at Chichester Cathedral (12 July 1995)

- Harold Evans (Editor Sunday Times 1967-1982) and Hugh Cudlipp (1972-1984)

- Lady Falkender (Jan 1976)

- Christopher Fry (playwright). Correspondence with and regarding Fry. (1992-1997) including letters nominating Fry for an Honour.

- Major Gen. J. H. Fuller ('Boney') to Hugh Cudlipp (25 Dec 1940)

- Sir Denis Hamilton (Director, Times Newspapers) and Hugh Cudlipp (1976-1988)

- Vere Harmsworth (Viscount Rothermere) to Hugh Cudlipp (1971)

- Michael Hartwell (Lord Hartwell) (Editor-in-Chief Daily Telegraph), Lady Hartwell and Huqh Cudlipp (1971-1995)

- Max Hastings and Hugh Cudlipp (1986 and 1992)

- Anthony Howard (The Times) including correspondence regardinq Howard's biography of Richard Crossman (1987-1998)

- Bernard Ingham (1988)

- Hammond Innes (1976-1980)

- David Irving (Historian) regarding a reference in Cecil King's diary of 1941 (1985)

- Derek Jameson (Editor Daily Express 1977, Editor News of the World 1981) Hugh Cudlipp (1980-1990)

- Frank Johnson (Editor The Spectator) and Hugh Cudlipp (1995)

- Louis Kirby (Editorial-Director Mail Newspapers) and Hugh Cudlipp (1995)

- Laurie Lee (Jan 1987)

- lan Maxwell from Hugh Cudlipp - on succeeding his father, Robert Maxwell (6 Nov 1991)

- Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein and Hugh Cudlipp (Jan and June 1958)

- Copy telegram Hugh Cudlipp to Montgomery regarding Montgomery's visit to Moscow (6 Apr 1959)

- Rupert Murdoch to Hugh Cudlipp (24 Feb 1981)

- Duchess of Norfolk (1986 and 1988)

- Laurence Olivier to Hugh Cudlipp (1 Apr 1974)

- Professor Ben Pimlott and Hugh Cudlipp, regarding Ben Pimlott's biography of Harold Wilson (1990-1992)

- Hugh Cudlipp to Ben Pimlott (1996) regarding the alleged relationship made by Peter Wright in his book 'Spycatcher' between Cecil King and MI5. Hugh Cudlipp's comments on these claims, together with hand written draft (Feb 1996) and Ben Pimlott's reply (June 1996).

- Chapman Pincher (Daily Express) and Hugh Cudlipp regarding a story about Cecil King in Pincher's book 'Inside Story' (1979)

Geoffrey Pinnington (Editor Sunday People) on his retirement (1982)

- Lynda Lee Potter to Hugh Cudlipp (14 Feb 1984)

- Peter Preston (Editor The Guardian) and Hugh Cudlipp (1988)

Lord (Michael) Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury and Hugh Cudlipp (1985)

- William Rees-Mogg (former Editor The Times) and Hugh Cudlipp (1968-1995)

- Jean Rook (Daily Express) and Hugh Cudlipp (1989)

- Alan Rusbridger (Editor The Guardian) and Hugh Cudlipp (1995)

Lord (Hartley) Shawcross and Hugh Cudlipp (1995)

- William Shawcross (biographer of Rupert Murdoch) and Hugh Cudlipp regarding Murdoch's purchase of The Sun and an account of this in Thomas Kiernan's book 'Citizen Murdoch'. Hugh Cudlipp's comments on Kiernan's version of the Rupert Murdoch Sun deal with IPC. (1990)

(Sir Frank Rogers's comments on the negotiations are with his letters (Mirror Group executives)

- Johnny Speight and Hugh Cudlipp (1997)

- A J Trythall and Hugh Cudlipp regarding Trythall's biography of Major General 'Boney' Fuller (1988-1989)

- Colin Valdar (Editor UK Press Gazette) and Hugh Cudlipp (1972-1983)

Brian Walden (1997)

- Auberon Waugh and Hugh Cudlipp (1986-1990)

- Gron Williams (Journalist) and Hugh Cudlipp, regarding Gron Williams' proposed biography on Frank Owen (pre-war editor of the Evening Standard) with notes on Frank Owen by Hugh Cudlipp (1992)

- Charles Wilson (Editor The Times) and Hugh Cudlipp (1987)

- Lady (Mary) Wilson regarding Children's Art Exhibition (1965)

- Mary Wilson on the death of Sir Harold Wilson (1995)