From 1975

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- The Times (10 Jan 1975), Notice of life barony conferred on Sir Hugh Cudlipp

- Chichester Observer (3 Oct 1975) "The man they forgot" - the Ashton protest, overtaken by "Fury in the Cathedral". National Front protest against the Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins. Hugh Cudlipp was Chairman of the meeting.

- Jewish Chronicle (10 Oct 1975) "Birk Trust a big success" - Ellis Birk Youth Trust, launched by Hugh Cudlipp

- Private Eye (Grovel) (31 Oct 1975) Allegation of misconduct against Ralph Champion and Hugh Cudlipp

- UK Press Gazette (17 Nov 1975) "Lord Cudlipp, Ralph Champion issue writs on Private Eye"

- Daily Telegraph (16 July 1976) "Post-Poulson corruption report recommends tougher laws" (Hugh Cudlipp was a member of the Royal Commission on Standards in Public Life)

- The Times (28 July 1976) "Private Eye apology to Lord Cudlipp"

- Daily Telegraph (28 July 1976) "Private Eye apologises to Lord Cudlipp"

- Sunday Express (29 Aug 1976) "Whither Cudlipp and King at Sun-rise?"

CUTTINGS /REVIEWS (Oct-Nov 1976) regarding Walking on the Water'

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- Sun (12 Nov 1976), "Big Jim's Adviser says: Do nothing" regarding the Counter-Inflation Unit

- The Times (19 Nov 1976) "Suspension of unit to counter inflation"

- The Times (20 Nov 1976) "Lord Cudlipp cuts public spending by himself"

- Daily Telegraph (22 Nov 1976) "Inflation Publicity Halted"

- Observer (Chichester) (11 Mar 1977) Profile of Hugh Cudlipp

- UK Press Gazette (29 Aug 1977) Report on handing over of the chairmanship of Beaverbrook Newspapers

- Mirror Group News (2 Nov 1977) "Mirror parrot in sex-change mystery" - Hugh Cudlipp's parrot

- Cage and Aviary Birds (15 Dec 1977) "Bertie' produces an egg!" - Hugh Cudlipp's parrot

- UK Press Gazette (30 Jan 1978) "Lord Cudlipp: Fleet St. must save itself or sink"

- UK Press Gazette (26 Mar 1979) Regional Editors' Conference in Leeds

South Wales Echo (2 Apr 1980) School photograph of Hugh Cudlipp and his brother, Reginald

- The Standard (20 Nov 1981) (Diary) - Hugh Cudlipp's defection to the SDP

- Daily Mail (20 Nov 1981) "Lord Cudlipp joins the SDP"

- The Times (21 Mar 1983) Profile of Malcolm Muggeridge with reference to Hugh Cudlipp

- BetterLife (1983) "Baron Cudlipp of Aldingbourne"

- South Wales Echo (29 Aug 1983), School photograph of Hugh Cudlipp and his brother, Reginald

- Sunday Telegraph (29 July 1984) "Cudlipp's Friday date at 'Mirror'"

- UK Press Gazette (6 Aug 1984) "My return to the Mirror: Cudlipp"

- Chichester Observer (23 May 1985) '''Spectacularly stingy' aid to the arts"

- The Journal (2 Sept 1988) '''Old pal' drops in on Mick"

- Daily Telegraph (Peterborough) (1 Nov 1988) Hugh Cudlipp's address at Lord Jacobson's Memorial Service

- Guardian (1 Nov 1988) "Cudlipp lambastes 'panting voyeurism' of tabloid press"

- Financial Times (1 Nov 1988) "Cudlipp condemns tabloid journalism"

- Daily Mirror (1 Nov 1988) "We still publish and be damned, Hugh!"

- Independent (1 Nov 1988) "Lord Cudlipp attacks 'sleazy' tabloid Press"

- UK Press Gazette (7 Nov 1988) "We're in the Dark Age of tabloid journalism - Cudlipp"

- Sunday Times (Paper Round) (6 Nov 1988) "The meek go on the march" - intrusive journalism

- Guardian (29 Oct 1991) The best and the worst of the 20th century: journalists

- Daily Mail (5 Dec 1991) "Sadness and range of the ghosts of papers past" - Mirror reunion lunch

- Daily Telegraph (Peterborough) (3 Mar 1992) Women membership of the Garrick Club

- Daily Telegraph (19 May 1992) British Press Awards - photograph of Hugh Cudlipp and Lord Deedes

- Guardian (May 1992) (Points of Order) - Hugh Cudlipp at British Press Awards

- UK Press Gazette (25 May 1992) British Press Awards (two articles)

- The Times (27 May 1992) (Diary) "Difficulties with girls" - women membership of the Garrick Club

- The Oldie (1993) "Still with us - Hugh Cudlipp", Anthony Howard

- Sunday Express (15 Aug 1993) "Tender care" regarding Hugh Cudlipp's prostate problem

- The Times (4 Jan 1994) (Diary) Hugh Cudlipp's call for cliches to be abandoned

- The Guardian (26 May 1994) Best of the 20th century: newspaper editors

- UK Press Gazette (January 95) "A Mirror on times past"

- Chichester Observer (23 Feb 1995) "Lord's protest leads to 'smooth' promise" - British Rail

- CM Observer (2 Mar 1995)

- Review of 'Yes, Prime Minister' talk by Hugh Cudlipp

- Daily Telegraph (13 May 1995) Chichester Festival (photograph Lord and Lady Cudlipp)

- British Editor (Spring 96) Association of British Editors 10th anniversary Dinner

- Independent (26 Oct 1999) "Why newspapers need a savour" (from the - Hugh Cudlipp Memorial Lecture by Derek Jameson

- Chichester Observer (26 Nov 1999) "Behind every great man ..." Lady Cudlipp on Hugh Cudlipp

- Press gazette (17 Mar 2000) Interview with Lady Cudlipp


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