Ruth Dudley Edwards

Scope and Content


Ruth Dudley Edwards (RDE) was been appointed official biographer of Cecil King.

The file contains correspondence between Hugh Cudlipp and RDE from November 1991, when RDE first approached Hugh Cudlipp with a request to help her with a biography of Cecil King she has been commissioned to write, until 1998 shortly before Hugh Cudlipp's death.

- Letter from Dame Ruth King (photocopy) (24 April 1989), authorising RDE to write the official biography of Cecil King. Letters between Dame Ruth King and RDE (1994) on the progress or otherwise of the biography, including two six-page handwritten letters from Dame Ruth King.

- Letter from Hugh Cudlipp (26 July 1994) to David Chipp (Editor-in-Chief P.A.) regarding the transcript of the P.A. interview with Cecil King after the death of his cousin, Esmond Rothermere, for possible inclusion in the biography.

- (Letter from David Chipp (18 Sept 1984) encloses a copy of the "hilarious" transcript)

- Letter from Hugh Cudlipp to Peter Stephens, Daily Mirror correspondent in Paris, (1 Aug 1994) regarding memos sent by Peter Stephens to Hugh Cudlipp on the occasion of Cecil and Ruth King's visits to France in 1969 and 1972. (These memos will be found in 432/2/8 Cecil Harmsworth King - Miscellaneous).

- Also in this file are extracts from articles and cuttings which refer to Cecil King given to RDE by Hugh Cudlipp, together with pages of handwritten replies by Hugh Cudlipp to questions from RDE concerning Cecil King. Some of these questions and answers have been typed up.