Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwin in the County of Monmouth. Court 'Halimot' [Baron]

Scope and Content

5 July 1848; Power of Attorney, 30 June 1848

Admission of Chas. Napper of Newport (co. Monmouth), confectioner, Sam. Burlingham of Worcester, boot and shoe manufacturer, Jonathan Reesof Neath, ironmonger, Wm. Norris of Coalbrook Dale (co. Shropshire), accountant, Edw. Pritchard Southall of Leominster (co. Hereford). Gent., Edw. Brewin of Worcester, seedman, Edwin Napper of Newport, confectioner, Stanley Pumphrey of Worcester,tallowchandler, Chas. Im trusted of Clyro (co. Brecon), yeoman, Jn. Tertius Southall of Leominster,draper, Hen. Dickinson of Coalbrook Dale, ironmaster, Tho. Evans of the Elms (co. Hereford), gent., and Edw. Boone of Neath, ironmonger, on Surrender of Summers Harford late [as in 269], now of the Reform Club House (co. Middlesex), esq., and Chas. Lloyd late [as in DSF/269], now of Cheltenham (co. Gloucester), esq., by hands of Ste. Vernon of Pontypool (co. Monmouth), gent.

[As in DSF/266 & 269], the house now used as County Court House.

Recites DSF/269

Fine for admission, £7.10s.0d., chief rent 2d.

Lady and Lords: Eliz. Frances Webb, spr., Geo. Eyston, esq. (trustee of Will of Diana Frances Gorges, spr. ), jas.Somerville Somerville [as in 269], and Rich. Sam. White, esq., (all surviving devisees of Will of Eliz. Sheldon, wid.), Jn. Gwyne,esq., Deliverance Dacre and Thynne Howe Gwynne, esq. [similar to DSF/269] Held at house of Wm. Matthews at Trosnant in Trevethin. Steward: Chas. Jas. Parkes, gent. Homage: Wm. Matthews and Jn. Philpot,

[Signature of steward]