Conveyance (Bargain & Sale), for £20, in trust for use of Quakers

Scope and Content

Jn. Rosser of Trevethin, yeoman, to Rich. Hanbury and Lewis Thomas, both of Penteg, Jn. Jones and Rowland Thomas, both of Llanfrechfa, Arnold Thomas of Llanvihangel Llantarnam, Wm. Howel of Llanvihangel Pontymoil, Jn. Howell of Trevethin, Rosser Thomas and John Griffith, both of Panteg, Geo. White and Jn. Woodard, both of Llanvihangel- govian [justa-Usk] and Walter Jenkins of Llanvihangel- Tavernbach (Llanvihangel- ystern- Llewern); all in (co. Monmouth)

Land for the use of meetings and burials called the Newgarden (cont. a quarter of a cover' [cover two-third of an imperial acre, usual and measure in S. Wales, Welsh cyfair, O. E. D.], lately surrounded by a wall, adj. W. the road from Pontypool to Abergavenny and on all other sides the lands of Jn. Rosser [as above] now in occ. of Evan William, in Trevethin (co. Monmouth)

Covenants: (a) that the property be not conveyed 'unto theyr heyres after ye flesh, or carnall succession of any man whatever: but unto theyr successors in ye faith, according to ye Commands & Doctrine of Christ, and his Appostles foreuer…'; (b) warranty [as in 251]; and (c) quiet and peaceable possessions

[Signature and seal of Jn. R.]

[Endorsed: Livery of Seisin; wtn. Jn. Thomas, Wm. White; Tho, William and Dav. Edwards, smiths; and Jn. White, all of Trevethin (co. Monmouth).