Vicarage House and premises, Charles Street, Cardiff

Scope and Content

Conveyance, for £5000

The representative Body of the Church in Wales as Trustees, to The Friends Trust Limited.

A parcel of land with the Vicarage House standing thereon (cont. 9480 square feet), recently in occ. of Canon J.A.Lewis and known as St. Johns Vicarage, in Charles Street, St. John, Cardiff.

Excepting: all mines, quarries, minerals, oils, etc. under the said property, with full power to withdraw vertical and lateral support from the surface of the said premises, making reasonable compensation for any damage occasioned.

Recites: Charter of Incorporation, 24 Apr. 1919, by which the Representative Body hold the property upon and for such trusts and powers of management, etc. as the Convention of the Church in Wales, in October, 1917, should have Directed or the Governing Body should direct.

The Purchaser to hold the said premises in trust as the South Division of Wales Monthly Meeting, or its successors shall direct; for use as a Meeting House, School, Mission Hall, Committee Room, Guest House or Caretaker's Residence and generally for the use of the Religious Society of Friends.

[Signatures (typed) and seals (? On original) of both parties. Signed by J.D.James, J.A. Lewis and Frank Morgan, secretary, for the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, and by W.C. Stewart, R.H. Cattford, directors, and Stanley J.L.Forward, secretary, for the Friends Trust Limited]

[Plan attached]