Lease for a year [Release missing], for 5s.

Scope and Content

Geo. Harford of Chewmagna (co. Somerset), gent., to Summers Harford, Chas. Lloyd Harford [both as in DSF/269], Chas. Smith of Newport (co. Monmouth), porter merchant, Chas. Napper [as in 270], Jas. Harford, gent., and Sam. Harford Lusy, ironmerchant (both of Bristol), Nath. Hartland and Alfred Harford Hartland (both of Cheltenham), bankers, Sam. Burlingham of Worcester, wholesale s?owmaker and Chas. Burlingham of Evesham (co. Worcester), cabinet maker.

(a) A burial ground [as in DSF/279]

(b) Cottage and land [as in DSF/283] formerly in occ. Of Mary Morgan, formerly in occ. Of Isaac morgan afterwards of Eliz. Richards, wid.;

(c) messuage and burying place [as in DSF/304]

(d) burial grounds [as (e) in DSF/308,309];

(e) burial ground and meeting house [as in (f) in DSF/308,309];

(f) burial ground and meeting house [as in DSF/259, 261, 264];

(g) burial ground [as in DSF/254 and 264] adj. Land late of Capel Hanbury.

[Signature and seal of Geo. Harford]

[Wtn. Jos. Davis]