Lease for twenty yeras, paying for first eighteen months one peppercorn, then for yearly rent of £1.0s.0d

Scope and Content

Alfred Wombwell Bland, Chas. Brown, Wm. Johnson Fearnsides, Edw. Fowler, Walter Hen. Fox, Hen. Bevington Gibbins, Fred. Jos. Gibbins, Hen. Stanley Newman, Jos. Farley Rutter, Jos. Jn. Seekings, Arthur Sessions and Jn. Tertius Southall [all as in 274, excepting Jn. Tho. Bellows and Jn. Edw. Southall] [parishes and occupations not extracted], to Wm. Booth of 101 Queen Victoria Street, London, General of the Salvation Army.

[As in DSF/266,269 and 274]

Covenants [not extracted]

[Signatures and seals of all the first parties, as above]

[Wtn. not extracted]

[Endorsed: (1) Plan of above property; (2) Surrender of the above property, 28 Aug. 1886, to the intent that the 20 years granted by the Lease may be extinguished in the reversion of the premises; signature and seal of Wm. Booth [as above]; wtn. W. S. Stitt, officer in the Salvation Army.