Deeds: Carmarthenshire properties: Land for burial ground, in Llanddingat parish within the liberty of Llandovery co. Carmarthen, 1724 and 1763

Scope and Content

Copied c. 1880.

23 June 1724

Conveyance (Ffeoffment), for 20s.

Nathan Woodliffe of Creigina (co. Radnor), yeoman, to Jn. Bowen sen.

& jun,, Nathan Anthony of Llandilo Co. Carmarthen), yeoman, Morgan Rees of Llandingat (co. Carmarthen), yeoman, John Rees and Rees John of Llansadwrn (co. Carmarthen), yeoman.

Land used as a burial ground, now walled in (cont. 24 feet), adj. To and taken from a garden called Kay Newydd, which said garden surrounds the land on E.N. & S. Sides, and the highway adj. On W. Side, in 'Landingall' Llandingat in Liberty of Llandovery (co. Carmarthen)

Covenants [as in DSF/265], otherwise as Jn. Bowen & others think fit.

Recites: Conveyance (Bargain & Sale), 11 Nov. 1689, Evan John and Jas. Price, decd., to Jas. Lewis of Llanddewi Velfry (co. Pembroke) [as in recital of 297], Rich. Stafford of Langharne (co. Carmarthen) [similar to 295], decd., Rees Pugh of 'Killy Comb', decd., Rich. Aubrey of Llanilid (co. Brecon), decd., Jn. Lloyd of Disserth (co. Radnor), decd., and said Nathan Woodliffe (only survivor)

[Signature of Nathan Woodliffe]

[Endorsed: (a) receipt for said 20s.; (b) Livery of seisin, wtn. Signature of Tho. Evans, Michael Thomas and mark of Morgan Rees]


6th May 1763

Conveyance [?Ffeoffment], for 20s.

Rees Price of Llansadwrn (co. Carmarthen), yeoman, formerly called Rees John [as in Ffeoffment, above], Jn. Bowen formerly of Llandilo Vawr (co. Carmarthen) [as in Ffeoffment above], now of Llanfihangel Rhydithon (co. Radnor), yeoman, to Jn. Lewis of Haverfordwest (co. Pembroke), ironmonger, Tho. Roberts of Neah, ironmonger, Wm. Padley jun., ironmonger, Hen. Squire jun., shipwright, Wm. Edwards, smith all of Swansea, Dav. Davies, shopkeeper, Wm. Reynolds, master, both of Carmarthen, Tho. Price of Llanwrda (co. Carmarthen), Jacob David and Jn. Griffith, both of Llandilo Vawr (co. Carmarthen), yeoman,

[Property, as in Feoffment, above]

Covenant [as in DSF/265], otherwise as Jn. Lewis & others think fit.

[Signature of Rees Price and Jn Price]

[Endorsed: (a) receipt for said 20s.; (b) Liveryof seisin, wtn. Rowlan Williams, Tho. Beynon] [Copy]