Meeting houses and burial grounds in counties of Glamorgan, Monmouth, Carmarthen, Brecon and Pembroke

Scope and Content

Conveyance, in trust

(i) Ernest Smith Tregelles, Wm. Geo. Hall and Fred. Wm. Gibbins [all as in DSF/253]; (ii) said Ernest Smith Tregelles, Wm. Geo. Hall and Fred. Wm. Gibbins [as in (i), Harold Mostyn Watkins of 42 Lon Isa, Rhiwbina (co. Glamorgan), Wilfred Evans of Llanishen (co. Glamorgan), Frank Elliott of Whitegate, Milford Road, New Milton (co. Hampshire), Sam. Bloomfield of 81 High Street, Newport (co. Monmouth), Jonathan Lloyd of Baileu Street, Ton Pentre, Dav. Jones of Hyfryd Le, Fairfield Road , Swansea, Jn. Oliver Watkins of Sketty Court, Swansea (all co. Glamorgan); and (iii) Peter Scott of Ty'r Gyfeillion, Brynmawr (co. Brecon), Caroline Ferris of Westbourne House, Penarth (co. Glamorgan); to (iv) The Friends Trust Limited [as in DSF/253]

(a) Land with meeting house, burial ground and shops, called 200-201 High Street, extending to the rear of the premises in the Strand belonging to Dan. Jones, in Swansea (co. Glamorgan)

(b) [as in DSF/250], with a frontage to Charles Street and Paradise with erections built thereon, now known as Friends Meeting House, Charles Street, number 1,2 and 3 Friends Place, Cardiff (co Glamorgan); Subject to a Lease of the cottages for 99 years from the 25 Mar. 1851;

(c) Land called Friends Burial Ground with cottage and garden adj., in Llandewi Velfrey (co. Pembroke);

(d) [as (e) in DSF/308,309], at Quakers yard (co. Glamorgan);

(e) [as (f) in DSF/308,309],being land called Ty Cwrdd known also as Trefyrig Burial Ground, Cottage and Garden, in Llantrisant (co. Glamorgan);

(f) land called The Friends Burial Ground (cont. On W. Side 43' 6', on N. side 29' 6', on S. side 25' 3'), being number 143 on Parish Tithe Apportionment map and part of No. 1053 on 2nd. Ed. (1901) O., and the interest (if any) in the strip of land between the said premises and road leading from Shire Newton, in Shire Newton (co. Monmouth);

(g) [similar to DSF/278] (cont. 129 square yards) used many years ago as a Society of Friends Burial Ground;

(h) Burial ground known as Brynmaen, Llandilo (co. Carmarthen)

(i) messuage known as Worthing House, Number 293, King Street, Brynmawr (co. Brecon)

Recites: (1) Date and parties [as recited in (2) in DSF/253], propeerty as in (a) above; (2) Indenture, 30 Dec 1869, Nath. Tregelles and Dan. Prideaux to Hen. Bevington Gibbins and others, property as in (b) above; itself reciting [as in (2) in DSF/249]; (3) Indenture, 26 Dec 1867, Jn. Lewis to Edw. Boone and others, property as in (c) above; (4) Indenture, 8 Dec 1923, (i) Wm. Johnson Fernsides, Walter Hen. Fox, Jn. Edw. Southall; (ii) Jn. Huxtable Skinner Elliott, Rich. Watkins, Eustace Hen. Clothier, Fred. Wm. Gibbins, Ernest Smith Tregelles and Wm. Geo. Hall; and (iii) Harold Mostyn Watkins, Wilfrid Evans, Frank Sam. Bloomfield, Jonathan Lloyd, Dav. Jones and Jn. Oliver Watkins, property as in (d) above; (5) Indenture, 16 Apri 1880, Edwin Napp(i)er and others, to Jn. Tho. Bellows and other, property as in (e) above; (6) Indenture, 18 Apr 1903, Rosamind Anghared Grieves to Alfred Wombell [sic] Bland and others, property as in (e) above; (7) Indenture, 31 July 1918, (i) Wm Edw Carne Curee; (ii) Jn. Fred. Lord Phillips and others; (iii) Rob Wm. Kennard; and (iv) Jn. Huxtable Skinner Elliott; property as in (f) above; (8) Indenture, 16 Apr 1880, property as in (g) above; (9) Indenture, 16 Apr 1880, property as in (h) above; (10) Conveyances 22 July 1931 and 5 Apr 1932, (i) Wm. Sam. Jones, Rachell Anna Caldwell; (ii) Chas. Dauncey, Wilberforce Richmond Dauncey and Dav. Price Holmes; and (iii) Peter Scott and Caroline Forris; also The Duke of Beaufort and others, to Caroline Ferris and Peter Scott, property as in (i) above;

Reciting also that the parties (i), (ii) and (iii) above are sole surviving trustees of all the above recited Indentures and that now Trustees (iv) above, were chosed by Monthly Meeting of the South Division of Wales at a meeting in 1931.

[Signatures of parties (i), (ii) and (iii) above]

[Wtn., not extracted]