Conveyance (Feoffment), for 5s

Scope and Content

Rowland Thomas [late as in 254] now of St. John's, Cardiff, yeoman; toRich. Hanbury of Panteg, yeoman, and Tho. Wisdome of Malpas, potter (both co. Monmouth)

[property as in DSF/254]

[Recites: 254 and that Rowland T. is sole survivor of trust and that the right title is solely vested in him]

[Covenants: to the use of Quakers meeting at Pontymoil for a burial ground; that Rowland T. will execute any further acts required by Rich. H. or Tho. W.; and that all subsequent acts to be to the intent of the stated uses only]

[Signatures and seals of all parties]

[Endorsed: Livery of Seisin, wtn. Jn. Handley, Tho. Jones, Wm. Cooper, Elisha Beadles]