Conveyance (Lease & Release), for 5s

Scope and Content

Nath. Beadles [as in DSF/264], Jn. Jones of 'Tyny Cannell' (co. Radnor), yeoman, Wm. Cooper [as in DSF/268], shopkeeper, to Jas. Lewis of 'Llanelly' (co.Brecon), gent., Wm. James of Pontymoile (co. Monmouth), blacksmith, Jn. Cooper of Pontypool (co. Monmouth), shopkeeper, Rees Bowen of Llandogley (co. Radnor),yeoman, Tho. Jones (s. of said Jn. J) of 'Tyny Connell' (co. Radnor), yeoman, Jas. Cowles of 'Coedygric' (co. Monmouth), gent., Truman Harford, Rich. Summers Harford [similar to DSF/266], Jas. Harford jun., Sam. And Geo. Harford (all sons of Jas. H. Of Bristol, iromaster)

(a) A burial ground [as in DSF/279]; (b) cottage and land [as in DSF/282] now in occ. of Eliz. Richards, wid.; (c) burial ground [as in DSF/247]; (d) messuage and bueying place [as in DSF/304]; (e) land (cont. Half a welsh acre), wheron lies a burial ground, walled in, part of land called Tyr Pant Annos, adj. W. On River Taff, E. And S. on river Bargoed, in Merthyr Tydfil; (f) a house called Quakers' Meeting House, a burial ground, a cartilage and small garden within the estate called Treverigg, in Llantrisant; (g) Meeting house and burial ground [ as in DSF/259, 261 and 264]; and (h) burial ground [as in DSF/254 and 264]

Covenant to make further Conveyances if required.

Recites: DSF/279, 290; and Demise, 10 May 1667, Mary Erbury of Cardiff, wid. To Frs. Gawler, Jn. Mayo, Tobias Hodges, Jenkin Gran and Miles Jones, property [as in DSF/247]; DSF/247, 248, 304 to 306;

Demise, for 1000 years, for use as burial ground, 31 May 1667, Mary Chapman of St. Mellons (co. Monmouth), to Lewis Beake, Jenkin Thomas, Harry Thomas, Dav. Williams and Jn. Harry all of Merthyr Tydfil (co. Glamorgan), husbandmen [ property as in (e) above;

Will of Mary Chapman, 18 Aug 1669, devising the above property to the people called Quakers;

Assignment of above, 3 Oct. 1746, Jenkin Thomas (grand-s. and heir of Jenkin Thomas, who was last survivor of said lessees), to Dan. Thomas, Jn. Bevan sen. & jun., Morgan Harry, and Nath. Beadles, as above, Ambrose Williams, Wm. Cooper, shoemaker, Jn. Jones and Jn. Richards [property as in (e) above;

Nath. Beadles is the sole survivor of these last mentioned trustees:

Conveyance, Feoffment, 14 Feb. 1750/1, Jn. Bevan son. Of Treveringg in Llantrisant (co. Glamorgan), gent., Evan Bevan, Jn. Bevan jun., and Rich. Bevan (only sons of J. Bevan sen.) to Nath. Beadles, as above, Wm. Cooper, shoemaker, Ambrose Williams, Jn. Jones, Tho. James and Morgan Harry [property as in (f) above], adj. The brook, with right of way from Mansion House of Treverigg;

Nath. Beadles is the sole survivor of these last mentioned trustees:

264; Nath. Beadles is the sole survivor of trustees mentioned in DSF/264.

[Signatures and seals of Nath. Bedales sen., Jn. Jones and Wm. Cooper]

[Endorsed: wtn. Nath. Beadles jun., Jn. Saunders jun., Tho. Waring and Jn. Woodliffe]