Land adjoining Union Street meeting house, Cardiff

Scope and Content

Demise for 99 years, paying annually £7. 10s. 0d.

Wm. Sibbering of Swansea, grocer, Edw. Boone of Neath, ironmonger, Hen. Bath of Swansea, merchant, Alfred Tunstall of Leeds (co. York), gent., and Chas. Napper of Newport (co. Monmouth), confectioner, to Alexander Bevan of Cardiff, painter.

Land, in and facing Union Street (being the back part of land mentioned in recitals, below) and extending towards the Meeting House to twenty feet from the back of the same, in St. John, Cardiff.


(1) Demise for 2000 years, 13 Feb. 1838, Chas. Vachell, druggist, to Jos. Tregelles Price, ironmaster.

Land, adj. E. a road, lately made, leading from Crock[h]erbtown to Nelsons Terrace, W. Union Street and North Street, S. land of said Chas. V., having a frontage of fifty feet abg. the road from Crockherbtown to Nelsons Terrace, and a like frontage abg. Union Street.

(2) Assignment od Demise [as recited in (1)], in trust, to assign further when as and when directed, 2 May 1839, said Jes. Tregelles P., to Wm. Sibbering, Edw. Boone, Hen. Bath, Alfred Tunstall and Chas. Napper [all as above], and Tho. Naton (since decd.)

Covenants: (a) that Alexander B. shall build, 'fit for the habitation of respectable tenants… three substantial dwelling houses' subject to inspection and approbation, and to expend thereon £450, and also build a wall, to divide the ground hereby demised from other part of the ground, to the same height as the present side walls, with sinks, sewers, gutters, drains, satisfactory to the Local Board of Health; (b) that he will maintain and repair the said dwelling houses; (c) that he will insure the same from fire; and (d) that he will not permit the Lessors to carry on the trade of innkeeper, licensed victualler, beer shop keeper or any noisy or offensive trade.

[Signature of said Alex. B.; wtn. Sam. Beavington, of Cardiff, shopkeeper]