Demise for a 1000 years, for 10s

Scope and Content

Owen Edwards of 'Llamilo' in Langharne (co. Carmarthen), esq., to Mary Perrot of Langharne (co. Carmarthen) (wid. of Jas. P. of Langharne, and sis. of Rich. Stafford of Bristol, decd.)

Land called the Fold being part of the Tucking mill parks, divided from same by a hedge, also the footway to the said fold (4 foot in breadth), from the highway leading from Langharne to St. Clears, through the N.E. part of the Tucking mill parks by the N. Hedge thereof, which divides the same field from a fold called [blank] now in occ. of Catherine Harry of Langharne, wid. [in Langharne] (co. Carmarthen)

With liberty to dig graves; Excepting all timber and trees.

Provided that if the above is not used as a burial ground for the people called Quakers, and for the descendants of Rich. Stafford, decd., and Mary Perrot, then this deed be void.

Covenants: (a) that said Mar perrot and her heirs shall repair and maintain the edge inclosing the property; (b) that said Owen Edwards shall permit to the Quakers and their servants free ingress in the day time, by the said footway, and shall permit them to use such rites at burials as they think fit.

[Signatures and seals of both parties, as above]

[Endorsed: wtn. W. Hibbs of Bristol, attorney, Matth. Purnell, clerk to Mr. Hibbs]