Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwin in the County of Monmouth. Court 'Halimot' [Baron]

Scope and Content

Admission of Jn. Tho. Bellows, Alfred Wombwell Bland, Chas. Brown, Wm. Johnson, Edw. Fowler, Walter Hen. Fox, Hen, Bevington Gibbons, Fred. Jos. Gibbins, Hen, Stannley Newman, Jos. Farley Rutter, Jos. Jn. Seekings, Arthur Sessions, Jn. Tertius Southall, Jn. Edw. Southall [parishes and occupations not extracted], by hands of Dav. Davies of pontypool, clerk to steward, their attorney, on Surrender of Edwin Napper, Chas. Im Trusted, Jn. Tertius Southall and Hen. Dickinson [all similar to 270, survivors of Trustees, as in 270] [parishes and occupations not extracted, by hands of Jos. Haslewood Parkes of Wentsland in Trevethin, law student, their attorney.

[As in 266 & 269], now used as a saleroom and warehouse, in occ. Of Chas. Minor [as in 273]

Fine for admission £9; chief rent 2d.

Lords: Rev. Wm. Fred. Erskine Knollys, clerk, Jn. Wingfield Stratford, esq., Jn. Ndell powles, esq. (all trustees of Will of Eliz. Frances webb, spr.), Sir nicholas Wm. Geo. Throckmorton, bart., and phillip Witham, esq. (trustees of Will of Diana Frances Gorges, spr.), Hen. White, esq. (heir of Ric. Sam. W., esq., who was surviving devisee in Will of Eliz. Sheldon, wid.), The Rev. Wm. Howell Evans, clerk (trustee of Will of Jn. Gwynnne, esq.), Geo. Payne Kison and Rich. Snead Cox, both esqs. (trustees of Will of Meliora Dacre), Frs. Philips and Frs. Tithill, esqs.

Steward: Chas. Jas. Parkes, J.P.

Homage: Rob. Russell and Aeron Harris

[Signature of Steward]