Land called Newgarden in Loughor (Llougher)

Scope and Content

10 Jan. 1659/60

At end; 'sixth day of [?the month of] March 1663' written in different ink at [? time of sealing and signing]

Conveyance (Bargain & Sale), for 10s.

Jn. Bowen of Lougfher [occupation not stated], to Roger Colebeach, Wm. Beavan, Matth. David, Hopkin Thomas, Christr. Rogers, Dav. Ritherch, and Jn. Rees, all of Swansea, Jn. William, Dan. Hopkin, both of Llandeilo Vach, and Tho. Beavan and Nicholas Jones both of Lougher, jointly and severally, and 'to their successors in the faith… who in the Feare of God & sinecarity og heart beare the Reproachfull Name of Quakers or haue deserted or borne theire testimony against the False Prophetts Hireling = Priests & Idol Temples'.

Land called the Newgarden (cont. one eighth of 1a.), adj. the road leading fom Swansea to Lougher and the lands of Jn. Bowen 'on thee other and every side thereof', in Lougher for use as a meeting house and burial place.

Covenants (a) that the time intent and purpose of this Conveyance must not be altered; (b) warranty against himself and his heirs; and (c) quiet and peaceable possession.

[Signature and seal [impress only, seal missing] of Jn. Bowen]

[Endorsed: wtn. to livery of seisin: Tho. Wm. Jn. Rees, Rich. Rees, Wm. Wibberne, Rees Bowen, Morgan Thomas]

Copy MS. of 251; made 14 June 1897 [1 paper]