Costume and set designs for Iolanthe, 1916-1967

Scope and Content

Costume sketches by:

  • Attilo Comelli, 1916. Museum number: S.2378-2015.
  • Percy Home, ca.1920s. Museum numbers: S.2818-2015 to S.2820-2015.
  • Norman Wilkinson, 1923. Museum numbers: S.2372-2015 to S.2377-2015 and S.3130-2015.
  • George Sheringham, 1929 and 1932. Museum numbers: S.2363-2015 to S.2379-2015.
  • Patricia Freeborn, 1954. Museum number: S.2362-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1961 and 1967. Museum numbers: S.2356-2015 to S.2361-2015 and S.2380-2015 to S.2392-2015.
  • Jennifer [Ouvery], ca.1960s-1970s. Museum number: S.2344-2015.

Set designs by:

  • W. Bridges-Adams, 1919. Museum numbers: S.3535-2015 to S.3536-2015 and S.4086-2015 to S.4087-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1940, 1957 and 1967. Museum numbers: S.999-2015, S.4083-2015 to S.4085-2015 and S.4088-2015 to S.4090-2015.