Costume and set designs for The Mikado, 1885-ca.1970s

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Scope and Content

Costume sketches by:

  • Wilhelm, 1885. Museum numbers: S.2892-2015 to S.2893-2015.
  • H. Haller, 1912. Museum numbers: S.2432-2015 to S.2436-2015.
  • Percy Home, ca.1920s. Museum numbers: S.2824-2015 to S.2833-2015.
  • Herbert Norris, 1921. Museum numbers: S.2894-2015 to S.2902-2015.
  • Charles Ricketts, 1926. Museum number: S.2431-2015.
  • Peter Goffin copy of a Charles Ricketts design, 1958. Museum number: S.2430-2015.

Scene sketches and set designs by:

  • H. Haller, 1915. Museum numbers: S.4034-2015 and S.4037-2015 to S.4039-2015.
  • W. Bridges-Adams, 1919. Museum number: S.4033-2015.
  • Charles Ricketts, 1926. Museum numbers: S.4059-2015 to S.4061-2015.
  • A. Bonheur (after Ricketts), 1926. Museum number: S.4032-2015.
  • Disley Jones, 1963. Museum number: S.4036-2015.
  • Robert Bahl, ca.1970s. Museum numbers: S.4040-2015 to 4043-2015.
  • Printed scene plot, undated. Publisher unknown. Museum number: S.4035-2015.