Costume and set designs for The Yeomen of the Guard, 1888-1965

Scope and Content

Costume sketches by:

  • Percy Anderson, 1888 and 1919. Museum numbers: S.3297-2015 to S.3335-2015 and S.3533-2015.
  • George Sheringham, 1929. Museum number: S.3532-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1939. Museum numbers: S.3509-2015 to S.3531-2015.
  • Unknown artist (designs signed with the initials H.T.), ca.1910s-1930s. Museum numbers S.3445-2015 and S.3446-2015.

Scene sketches and set designs by:

  • W. Bridges-Adams, 1919. Museum number: S.3854-2015.
  • Ernst Stern, ca.1920s. Museum number: S.3856-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1939-1965. Museum numbers: S.3855-2015 and S.3857-2015 to S.3861-2015.