Costume and set designs for The Pirates of Penzance, 1919-1972

Scope and Content

Costume sketches by:

  • Percy Anderson, 1919-1920. Museum numbers: S.2907-2015 to S.2918-2015 and S.3479-2015 to S.3480-2015.
  • George Sheringham, 1929. Museum numbers: S.3457-2015 to S.3478-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1969. Museum number: S.3481-2015.

Scene sketches and set designs by:

  • Percy Home, ca.1920s. Museum numbers: S.2958-2015 to S.2964-2015.
  • W. Bridges-Adams, 1920. Museum number: S.3832-2015.
  • George Sheringham, 1930. Museum numbers: S.3833-2015 to S.2834-2015.
  • Peter Goffin, 1957 and 1972. Museum numbers: S:3835-2015 to S.3838-2015.