Libretti: Other works produced by the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, 1847-1932

Scope and Content

File contains the following libretti:

  • La Basoche by Albert Carré and André Messager, 1890. Five copies: one copy is in the original French and bears D’Oyly Carte's bookplate, and one copy includes a signed cabinet photograph.
  • Bob by Cunningham Bridgeman and Francois Cellier, 1903. Two copies.
  • Les Brigands by Jacques Offenbach, 1871. First edition copy of the Gilbert translation.
  • Captain Billy by Harry Greenbank and Francois Cellier, 1891.
  • The Chocolate Soldier by Rudolf Bernauer, Leopold Jacobson and Oscar Straus, 1908. Two copies.
  • Claude Duval by H.P.Stephens and Edward Solomon, 1881.
  • Down in Our Village by Thomas Robertson, 1857. Typed copy, possibly a proof. It is not known whether this work was ever produced on stage.
  • The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein adapted by Charles Lamb Kearney, composed by Jacques Offenbach, 1867. Three copies.
  • The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein adapted by Adrian Ross and Charles H.E. Brookfield, composed by Jacques Offenbach, 1897. Two copies: one is marked for cuts and includes corrections to the text.
  • His Majesty by F.C. Burnand, R.C. Lehman and Sir Alexander C. Mackenzie, 1897. Two copies.
  • Ib and Little Christina by Basil Hood and Franco Leoni, 1900. Two copies.
  • Ivan Rake by Harold Cyril Palmer Castle, 1891.
  • Jane Annie by J.M. Barrie, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ernest Ford, 1893. Four copies: three contain corrections.
  • Manola adapted by H.B. Farne and composed by Charles Lecocq, ca.1880s.
  • Merrie England by Basil Hood and Edward German, 1902.
  • Mirette adapted by Frederic E. Weatherly, Harry Greenbank and André Messager, ca.1894.
  • Mr. Jericho by Harry Greenbank and Ernest Ford, 1893.
  • The Nautch Girl by George Dance and Edward Solomon, ca.1891.
  • Old Sarah by Harry Greenbank and Francois Cellier, 1897. Two copies.
  • Olivette adapted by H.B. Farne and composed by Audran, ca.1880.
  • The Pride of the Regiment by V.C. Clinton-Baddeley and Scobie Mackenzie, ca.1890s.
  • The Spectre Knight by by James Albery and Alfred Cellier, ca.1878.
  • One typed copy of an untitled vaudeville play in three acts, author unknown, ca.1850s-1890s.