Glaister Family Bibles and papers

Scope and Content

File consists of five bibles belonging to Thomas Glaister (1837), Jeanie Glaister (1898), Mrs Glaister (1906), Joan Douglas Glaister (1921), and Margaret McGaw Devlin (1933); a manual for Elgin Place Congregational Church, Glasgow where John Glaister Snr was senior deacon (1931-1932); a fiftieth wedding anniversary invitation addressed to John Glaister Jnr from his father; an Order of Service for the marriage of Frank Willaim Martin to Jean Scott Clarke Glaister (1922), page from a passport belonging to Mary Glaister and John Glaister Snr issued in 1923; correspondence with the pilot Gustav Hamel and 5 photographs of his aircraft crash in 1911; and correspondence between John Glaister Jnr and his mother in 1900.