File. Fish Producers' Organisations. Correspondence, ms. notes and 'News from the British Trawling Industry'

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a) Letter form Alan Beith MP, 8 February 1980

b) Minutes of the meeting of the Conservative Party Back Bench Fisheries Sub Committee, held 5 March 1980

c) 'Revision of the Common Fisheries Policy', a paper by Michael Berendt, Fisheries Liaison Officer of the European Commission Office in London, at the Conference on Technology and Challenges of the World's New Fisheries Regime', 10 June 1980

d) 'Hull fishing industry submission to Her Majesty's Government for assistance', January 1980

e) 'Submission by Scottish Fishermen's Federation to Rt. Hon. George Younger MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, for further financial assistance for the Scottish fishing industry', 24 June 1980

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