File. Southern Rhodesia. Correspondence, circulars issued by the Anglo Rhodesian Society, background papers, and photocopy reports on the Rhodesian elections by US delegations

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a) Photocopy ts. 'For black Zimbabwean traitors, this is a time of crisis and decision', Eddison JM Zvobgo, Zimbabwe African National Union, 13 November 1978

b) Photocopy ts. 'Interim notes on the revised plans for the conquest of Rhodesia by Marxist forces', 8 December 1978

c) Photocopy ts. report. 'The April 1979 Rhodesian election. Summary of a report by an all-party British parliamentary delegation to Washington, 26 - 28 March 1979', Lord Avebury, Peter Bottomley MP and Bruce Grocott MP, 26 March 1979

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