Binder. 'Politics Apr. - May 1986'. Notes, correspondence, cuttings and collected memorabilia about Patrick Wall's political career. With papers about the issue of Sunday trading

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a) Photocopy article. 'Europe holds its breath on G-R-H [Gramm - Rudman - Hollings]', Patrick Wall, 'Sea Power', pp. 56 - 70, April 1986

b) Photocopy letter from Margaret Thatcher MP, 8 April 1986

c) Letter from Lord Hailsham, 29 April 1986

d) Letter from Geoffrey Howe MP, 27 March 1986, and note, 28 March 1986

e) Ts. article. 'Chemical bacteriological warfare', Patrick Wall, no date f) Report on the visit of the Committee on Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control of the North Atlantic Assembly to the USA, 13 - 16 May 1986

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