Blackwood, Morton & Sons Ltd Design Archive

Scope and Content

Records that relate to the design process or illustrate the company's designs.

  • catalogues 1930s-1990s;
  • contract designs 1950s-1980s;
  • design photographs 1930s-1980s;
  • design lithographs 1920s-1960s;
  • design sketches 1920s-1940s;
  • pattern cards 1930s-1980s.

Related Material

STOD/DES/91-STOD/DES/94 - Drawers 91-94 were titled 'BMK Kilmarnock A000-A099'; 'BMK Kilmarnock A100-A199'; 'BMK Kilmarnock A200-A299'; and 'BMK Kilmarnock A300-A399' respectively, and contained various design patterns.