Design Photograph Albums

Scope and Content

All these albums contain B&W photographs of carpets with one also including photographs of carpet designs. A number also have colour lithographs, which on occasion are pasted over the corresponding B&W photographs. The vast majority have pattern numbers and sometimes colours written alongside, and on the whole they are arranged into various styles and ranges, which are separated by dividers. The volume New Designs predates the other albums and can be dated to the 1930s. The later albums all carry a label on the inside cover identifying the individual item as being allocated to either a named person, i.e. 'Mr. W. Craig'; or a department, for example, 'Export Sales' or 'Mr. W. Millar, Spool Dept'; or an area office such as Manchester or Birmingham. Thus while there may be some duplication of specific images, the albums themselves are unique collections bought together to serve a particular purpose.