Scope and Content

UCAC's 'Publications' are included in the National Executive class of documents. The files include unique publications and pamphlets by union officials, e.g., Dysgu am Hanes (1945) by Irene Myrddin Davies, and The Return of a Language, an experiment in the revival of Danish in South Slesvig (1954) by Dr. Ceinwen Thomas. There are also regular publications of the union, such as the Bwletin (1957-1978), and since 1970 the journal Yr Athro. The journal Yr Athro was founded in 1928 by the Undeb Athrawon Cymreig, namely a society for Welsh language teachers, which was not a union as UCAC intended to become. The aim of the journal was to provide articles and teaching aids for Welsh language teachers. Between 1951 and 1970 Undeb Cymru Fydd was responsible for publishing the journal. Yr Athro was adopted by UCAC in 1970. It continued to be a Welsh language journal of general articles on educational topics in the period 1970-1985. Yr Athro became the union's own publication in 1986, and so its main journal and source of news information for members. The union had an occasional publication, the journal Undeb-Unity, which was published between 1947 and 1968; the collection holds an extensive run of the title between 1947 and 1966.