Letter: Harold Joseph Laski to Maurice Firuski

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Manuscript, sent from 40 Onslow Gardens SW7. Refers to the following: potential visit of Firuski to stay with Laski in Jun 1921; request for news of the book shop 'which has been much talked of these last days'; flu contracted by Laski and Frida; discovery of two booksellers Thomas Baker and Salkeld and discussion of books; dinner with Haldane attended by Austen Chamberlain; visit to Cambridge where saw J.J. Thompson, J.R. M. Butler; lunch with Bryce; discussion of the founding of the London University Labour Association; dining with Pollock of Pollack & Maitland at the Athenaeum Club; student discussion group with Masterman, Massingham, Frank Hodges and E.F. Wise agreeing to attend; discussion of politics and Ireland with reference to Sinn Fein and government opinions; scathing opinion of Lloyd George.

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