The Selections of Zāt Sparam

Scope and Content

Description: Dark green hard cover, unruled white and blue pages, handwritten in ink, with inserts. The contents start in the book and continue on to ordered inserts. Other inserts also included. Identified as West 30 in de Menasce handlist.
Contents: The "Selections of Zat Sparam." Transliteration and translation.

  • Continuation of the text
  • folio with different Pahlavi letters related to red markings of Ch 1, 12, and 13 of Kn MS
  • folio with words in Dk. and Persian
  • folios serving indexical purpose
  • folio with syllable count calculation
  • folio with translation of "Dk. V.i, 9"
  • folio with translation of "332 - 339 fol 357 - 356"
  • folio with summary of Vol. 10
  • scrap papers with fragments of translation and possibly word meanings
  • an academic to-do list
  • "Explanation of missing folios"