Shikand gumanik vicar, "from Dastur Hoshangji's Pazand Sanskrit MS. collated with JJ. and J. 135."

Scope and Content

Description: Black hard cover notebook, unruled, with white pages, handwritten in ink. Inserts held by string. Identified as West 17 in de Menasce handlist.

  • Shkand gumanik vicar "from Dastur Hoshangji's Pazand Sanksrit MS. Collated with JJ. and J.135."
  • Description of MS. Shikand Gumani and "JJ MS. of Shikand-gumanik Vijai."
  • Scrap papers with differences on JJ and JE
  • notes on omissions in West's copying
  • notes for collation
  • scrap papers serving indexical purpose
  • list of "Not glossarized after Chap. V"
  • list of "Not glossarized after Chap. XI, 145"