Part of Denkart, Bk. IV

Scope and Content

Description: Green, blue and pink pattered hardcover notebook with white pages, handwritten in ink, inserts held in place with string, detailed table of content and page numbers. Identified as West 6 in de Menasce handlist.

  • Pahlavi Denkard, from H13a ("no more copied, as I have another complete copy that collates with the most original MS. In Bombay, H13 and all other Bombay copies are derived)
  • two versions of Bahman Yasht
  • Jamaspi [MS.]
  • Ahktami-I Jamasp Hakim
  • Afrim-I Zanatusht, Persian
  • Du'a-i Bahran-i Vanjanand, Pazand
  • Du'a-i Hushidan Bahram Vanjanand
  • Du'a-i Ham Stayishu kih Ba'd az hyayish u Yashit mi khevanand ba ma'ni navisam
  • Du'a-i ham-stagishni Paz-Pers.
  • Other Rivayat texts
  • Dia Kas Bk VI end and VII.
  • Ulama i Islama (all from MSS. in the Library of the University of Bombay)
  • Denkart Bk. VI end (pp. 585, line 17 to 590 in Madan's edition). Fragment from Denkart Bk. VII.
  • scraps of papers with numbers referencing books and personal papers, miscellaneous calculations, word meanings;
  • "E.W. West's Transcript of the Pahlavi Denkard, Book VI" a note seemingly about an exhibition on West in "the [Royal Asiatic] Society"
  • torn financial documents from "The Machinery Trust Limited" used to note calculations and page numbers in Pahlavi Texts.


The Denkart fragments are copied from Haug's MS.; a note in the table of contents at the beginning of the MS. states : " No more copied as I have another complete copy collated with the most original MS. in Bombay, whence H. 13 and. all other Bombay copies are derived." Cf. introduction to Pahlavi Texts, Part IV, p. xxxvii; Professor Kielhorn gave West a modern copy of Denkart IV-IX, which he collated with B; this copy was bought after West's death for the Asiatic Museum in Leningrad; cf. Salemann, Manichaeische Studien I, p. 115, note 15.
—From P.J. De Menasce's "A Provisional Handlist of the Late E. W. West's Papers Preserved in the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society" published in The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland ,No. 1/2 (Apr., 1950), pp. 53-63