Assyrian Inscriptions

Scope and Content

Description: Four thin unbound notebooks, handwritten in ink.

  • "Text and Translation of Assyrian Inscriptions [into German], as given by Prof. E. Schrader"
  • "Glossary of the Assyrian Inscriptions of Cyrus, Darius (at Bistun, Naksh-I Rustam, Persepolis, Elvend), Xerxes (at Persepolis, Elvend, Van) and Artaxerxes (in Sersa, etc).- Prof. E. Schrader in Giessen. DMGZ Vol .26. p370 - 386 1872"
  • "Ancient Persian Cuneiform Inscription from the Isthmus of Suez" Includes a glossary and translation of some words
  • "Latin Translation of the Gathas by Prof: Haug 1858-60"